My childhood was pretty fun. I was deemed the bad twin, and Levi the good one. The only time I can remember Levi getting in trouble is when he'd fly around the house and knock things over with his wings. Pretty harmless, right? Well, I killed our dog first. My dad had some new medical supplies shipped to our home and I decided to put them to good use. Don't leave boxes around if you don't want anyone peaking inside. Once those were taken away, I moved on to knives. And when all of the weapons were taken away, I'd use my barehands. Squirrels, deer, raccoons, birds, anything. I wanted to kill everything with a heartbeat. Then there was a boy in my class that made fun of me for having a hairstyle with two buns. Furious, I grabbed his pencil, snapped it in half, and punctured both of his eardrums with them. It was a riveting feeling. His screams still bring a smirk to my face when they replay in my head. Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat him. I like hurting people and I like getting revenge. You could say it's in my nature. I am a demon. Mommy and daddy were very upset with me when the principal called. They tried their hardest to get me to apologize, but why would I apologize for something I'm not sorry for? It was fun seeing them so angry. It wasn't funny when they sued our family. We have connections, though, and we got away unscathed.

Levi never wanted to join in and we barely had anything in common. Sometimes I'd break his toys or annoy him. When I couldn't get a reaction out of him anymore, I'd blame him for things he didn't do. Before we moved to this town, we lived in a less populated neighborhood. The reason we moved is because I started a fire in the school and killed 900 students and four teachers. Proudest moment to this day. No one else I know agrees with me. My dad didn't want to send me to a psychiatric ward for the rest of my life, so we moved to this new town. My uncle is a cop and does his best to protect my freedom. No one knows about that incident here, and the people around me will go to drastic lengths to keep it that way. I like my aunt more than my mother. She helped me find karate which lead me to mma. My instructor Grayson is sexy, too. He's single and older but hasn't been flirtatious with me.

Another thing I really like is attention. I was going to get some at this party tonight. Especially in this dress Faye made me. It's the reason I keep her in my life. I love looking my best, and her job is to make people look good. I sat at my vanity and started to put on makeup.

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Levi walked in and sat on my bed. "You're still getting ready?!," he exclaimed, his voice rising a few octaves. He fell back dramatically onto the bed. I rolled my eyes. "Since when do you make origami?," he asked. He was playing with the swan that fell out of my bag earlier. "I don't. I've been finding them in my locker. It's the third one this week. It's fucking ridiculous," I said. "Hm," he responded, which sounded like he was intrigued. More so than I was about the annoying swans and hearts that would fall out of my locker or get stuck inside of my books. He sat up. "10 more minutes or I'm throwing you over my shoulder ready or not to get to this party. Dad says I have to walk with you there." And with that, he walked out.

I made him wait an extra five minutes, and then I was off to get drunk and kiss hot boys.

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