I. a song with a color in the title

art and old art image aesthetic, sun, and nature image Temporarily removed gold, makeup, and freckles image
Sister Golden Hair - America

II. a song with a number in the title

car, vintage, and indie image tears, cry, and emotion image Abusive image theme image
Dos Días en la Vida - Fito Páez

III. a song that reminds you of summertime

Image removed fruit, red, and vintage image legs, nature, and photography image animal, vintage, and beautiful image
Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival

V. a song that needs to be played loud

black and white, films, and photography image Temporarily removed love, couple, and hug image girl, Carey Mulligan, and an education image
Paloma - Andrés Calamaro

VI. a song that makes you want to dance

Temporarily removed theme image Image by Ma Vie makeup, eyes, and eyeliner image
Ojos Así - Shakira

VII. a song to drive to

girl, pale, and white image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed flowers, photography, and car image
Heroes - David Bowie

VIII. a song about drugs or alcohol

Temporarily removed car, vintage, and retro image scarface and tony montana image Image by skycry
Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey

IX. a song that makes you happy

book, vintage, and aesthetic image Image by نورا flowers image aesthetic image
Gap in the Clouds - Yellow Days

X. a song that makes you sad

grunge and trippy image flowers, black, and dark image Image removed Temporarily removed
Sadness Is A Blessing - Lykke Li

XI. a song that you never get tired of

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed friends, beer, and party image fashion, life, and brown image
Una Nueva Noche Fría - Callejeros

XII. a song from your preteen years

grace kelly, old hollywood, and vintage image mirror and vintage image piano, vintage, and grunge image dress image
Grace Kelly - Mika

XIII. one of your favorite 70's songs

Temporarily removed 60s, 70s, and california image alternative, cafe racer, and indie image love, beautiful, and music image
Ghost Ship - Jim Morrison & The Doors

XV. a song that is a cover by another artist

dark and gothic image Image removed art, statue, and sculpture image candle, smoke, and aesthetic image
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

XVI. one of your favorite classical songs

girl image Temporarily removed vintage image Image removed
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses

XVIII. a song from the year that you were born

flowers, vintage, and rose image aesthetic, theme, and nature image art, photography, and faery image mermaid and scales image
Go the Distance - Roger Bart

XIX. a song that makes you think about life

Temporarily removed car, purple, and pink image building, chicago, and cities image girl, aesthetic, and eyes image
Time to Pretend - MGMT

XX. a song that hast many meanings to you

Inspiring Image on We Heart It alternative, cafe racer, and indie image Image removed coffee and book image
Ride - Lana Del Rey