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So I've been thinking of myself lately, what king of person I am and how can I be better. That is a question we should all ask ourselves every day, every moment. In order to improve our lives we have to work on ourselves every day and put as much effort as possible and do our best. These are some I thought of that I think we should all do in that order...

1. Empathy

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In order to improve ourselves as a person, we have to sympathise with others more. You know, in stead of just judging people, imagine ourselves being in that same situation and then say something. I think that every school has at least two persons that are bullying and at least ten people that are being bullied. So, yeah, if you have ever bullied anyone ever in your life, take a minute and think of what if might have done to that person and what kind of impact it had on their minds. So, next time you go ahead to say something not so nice and something you'd never like to hear from anyone saying it to you, think.

2. Read

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Educate yourself and your language. By reading any kind of book you are already growing your mind and learning new things. If not so, then you are relaxing and so is your mind. Also, your "word game" is getting better and you are reducing stress, improving your vocabulary and memory. So just take a book and read. Expand your mind a little bit.

3. Comparing

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Don't compare yourself to others ever. By not comparing yourself with anyone else you’re not trying to be better than anyone and if you are, then you're becoming an ordinary which eliminates making competition for yourself. We all are unique in our own ways, it's just the society that has some unrealistic expectations, when actually you are unique with your personalities and minds, so f*** the expectations and be yourself. Show off your personality by doing good and being good person.

4. Exercise

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Taking care of ourselves is probably the most important thing in our lives. Not just for looks, but for health. If you're not into sports then just do your own fitness, I mean there are so many apps for workouts of any kind literally.

5. Do Good

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By doing good for/to others we are already making ourselves better. We are growing as a person and as a friend. Also expanding our circle of friends and socializing. We all like those polite and nice people then those "trying to be badass", cause, at the end, they're the one's that have no friends.

6. Eat well

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When you're out or coming back from work/school, don't take the first eatable thing that you catch with your eye. I mean, we all like to eat junk food, even tho it's not healthy, but trying to stay away is better. Seriously, who doesn't like, perhaps Starburst, Skittles, Mars bars, Doritos...? But if you're thinking about improving yourself, then your diet is a good way to start.

7. Drama

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If you don't want any drama in your life, then don't even start it, don't invite any parts of it to you. Because at the end it's not gonna do you any good and is gonna get you or the other person hurt at the end. And do you really want to be hurt?

8. Respect

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Respect yourself, others and your possessions. It is really important. Respecting yourself is the most important, and the second is respecting others. Respecting yourself means accepting all your flaws, accepting who you are, your weaknesses, your strengths and triumphs. Respecting things you own is respecting your possessions. Not like things things, but everything you have achieved, your job, your knowledge, friends... Everything that can be seen as an possession. Respect in general. Respect animals, humans, emotions. Respect people for who they are, not for who you want them to be. Respect animals, cause they are no different then humans. Respect emotions, and not just your own, but others too. Don't try to hurt them in any way. Respect. Pretty strong word, huh.

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That's pretty much all I could thought of while writing this article, I hope I gave you the idea that I had in my mind, which is to be better version of you every day you wake up, better then yesterday., because, every day is a new chance to get up and be better. Be the best version of yourself that you possibly can. That's all from me today.