Hello All! Here are a list of places, that are on my bucket list, for me to visit:

1. Maldives

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The Maldives is located in South Asia in the Indian Ocean. It has lots of beautiful blue water and nice white sand beaches. Perfect for relaxing in the summer. Literally, every celebrity I know is going there so it makes me want to go there even more.

2. London

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London has been on my list for a very long time. I just want to see Big Ben and go on the London Eye. I know very touristy but I also want to get lost in it and eat authentic fish and chips. I'm also a tea lover so best believe I am bringing back hundreds of boxes of tea.

3. Barcelona

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Ah Barcelona! So many beautiful things to see like: the Sagrada Cathedral, the Gothic Quarter, and Park Güell. I want to try paella and tapas. Take those aesthetically pleasing photos and just try to find and take a picture with Stephen James.

4. Madrid

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HALA MADRID!! Real Madrid is the best football team on the entire planet. CR7, SR4, Marcelo etc. are just Gods on the field. I just want to attend a Real Madrid game just once in my life so that I feel the excitement of the game.

5. Los Angeles

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I live in the US so this is a pretty easy location for me to get to but it's been hard because I am busy all the time. I want to visit the Hollywood sign, try In-N-Out for once in my life, and meet some celebrities.

If you made it this far, Thank you. Feel free to message me any ideas for future articles that you want to read.

Note: None of these are in any specific order. It's just random.