I've seen lots of people doing this and i find it pretty self-explanatory so i've decided to try it myself, anyways here's the 30 day writing challenge, day one: list 10 things that make you really happy.

1. family

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i grew up very family oriented, me and my family often hang out and it's always the best time spent.

2. friends

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also, hanging out with my friends makes me quite happy, even if we're not hanging out and we're just in school or on the phone, they don't fail to put a smile on my face

3. books

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reading is one of my all time get-aways whenever i'm stressed out or just in need to live in my own world.

4. food

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i don't think there's anyone that food can't make happy lmao

5. liam james payne

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i just love him so fucking much guys look at that smile omg someONE PROTECT THIS BALL OF SUNSHINE

6. music

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another one of my get-aways, music is truly a work of art

7. series (esp. turkish ones)

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i love turkey and turkish culture and i'm also a huge fan of turkish series, they're the best ugh

8. going on vacations and long trips

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idk why but long trips always make me the happiest although many would argue with me

9. amusement parks

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i have a huge fear of heights but i won't hesitate to go on that rollercoaster with you

10. playstation

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i'm such a nerd

aaaaand that's it i guess
quick note: none of the pictures i used, including the cover, are mine, and they all belong to their rightful owners.