Hey you, beautiful human that’s reading this. How are you feeling? How’s your life going?
Whatever the answer is, I want you to read to what I want to say, you can take it or leave it; it’s totally up to you.

I am Mila, and I consider myself as a very thinking person. I think way too much before I do something, wich sometimes is good, but... sometimes is nice to be a little unpredictable you know? So, Im always thinking what everyone thinks about me as a human being. I’m always afraid of saying something bad, I’m afraid of rejection. It happened to me when I was a in highschool, and it sucked. It has been with me every since then. I’m always afraid of talking to people, not because I hate it, but because I think I’m gonna bother them.

And that is wrong.

It’s okay to think. It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel they way you feel about everything. But if you reach a point where you don’t feel secure, you don’t imagine how good it is to talk about it.

I believe the most important thing in this life is to be at peace with yourself. To feel comfortable with your soul, with your thoughts and with the way you look. People are gonna like you more if you like yourself first. Cause when that happens there are sparkles in your eyes. You have all the right to be happy, cause you exist. You breathe, you suffer, you are.

And you deserve good things to happen to you.

You are not bothering anyone if you wanna talk about something, If they get mad or don’t want to answer it’s not your fault. I promise you there’s always someone that is gonna be glad to cheer you up.

Surround yourself with warm souls. With friends and relatives that appreciate you as you are. Don’t be scared to let people go.

Life is a mess, but if you learn to live in the darkest and in the brightest moments, you take out of this a beautiful mess.

Stay true to who are and what you love, cause at the end of the day that's what matter the most.

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I wrote this to read it everytime I'm not feeling quite well. I wrote this from the bottom of my heart.

Send you all the love and sparkles, you are amazing. Thank you for always reading. ♡

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