hey sweethearts! so, my best friend (she's @whitejustwhite ) was scrolling through whi earlier and found this tag and i was like "omg i NEED to do this" so here i am

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favorite group/squad

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the girl squad for sure ❤ we saw their friendship grow so much and they are all so relatable in different ways and i think we connected to them more than with any other squad.

favorite character

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my favorite girl character is noora. she's just so real and not afraid of speaking up for what she believes in and i love that. she has the best style and omg, she's a beautiful woman.

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skam and isak image

and my favorite boy is my sweet isak. i loved seeing him grow and find himself. also he's super cute and funny.

favorite couple

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i love noorhelm with all my heart. yes, they are not perfect and william sucks sometimes but he changed a lot because of her and just watching them being cute and in love makes me feel like a agdjhdlhflk in my heart.

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i also shipped chriseva since season 1 because they're perfect for each other and i got so excited when they almost end up together and then i was so pissed off because they didn't!!

character that i hated at first and then loved

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i never really hated them but i didn't like william at all in season one and vilde used to stress me sometimes but we saw both grow a lot.

character that should've had a season

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i think chris has a tragic back story and i really wanted to see that. plus, he's just so hot and i would love to see him 24/7.

worse couple

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honestly, every relationship that involves emma. i hated emma and isak and then i got so mad when she ended up with chris. i didn't liked her with jonas either but i guess that was better than her and chris.

were you one of those people who wanted Chris boy to have a season?

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you know i was

most beautiful friendship?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It skam, eva, and noora image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It

nooreva's friendship was my favorite since they met. they are always there for each other and make each other happy and that's exactly what friendship means.

phrase that i liked the most

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nah, im joking

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ever since i watched the show i try to apply this every day of my life because it's just so true, everyone deserves to be treated well, specially if you don't know them. even smiling at someone on the streets can totally make their day if they're sad.

the most stylish character

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that has to be Noora, i wish i could dress more like her, she's a true inspiration. also Even has really great outfits.

character i would like to have as a friend

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the whole girl squad ❤

Did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of Norway?

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they definitely show us a lot of the city and made me want to go so badly

is skam a copy of skins?

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omg no. they are both shows that follow teens and the drama in their lives but the concept, the characters and the stories are totally different. also skins is way more intense.

the message of skam

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i think skam is about the importance of friendship and how different people can connect with each other, because you're not alone. it's about accepting others for who they are, of not judging. it's about love. it's about in believing in yourself and not let others change your mind.

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that's it guys. i fucking love skam, really, this show changed my life.

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