Hey everybody ! I want to share with you some tips to feel better when everything is made of black. That is an important subject to me, and I hope that article will help you. Oh, and I need to tell you before anything else : whatever you're going through, whatever what's going on, I promise, you're never alone.

Understand what's going on.

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To find a solution, the important is to know the problem. But please, if you don't find exactly where is the problem, don't overthink, you are just not ready to go ahead right now.

Make a break.

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You don't have to be fake with others and yourself. If you're sad, so, be sad. Let your feelings express itself, it's the best way to move on because after having touched the bottom, you can only get back.


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I always considered that to cry, it's to be strong. You don't imagine to what extent it's necessary to be strong to assume your feelings. If you need to cry, do it, it's totally normal and liberating.

Stop the social networks.

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You need to do a break. Social networks aren't the reality, you need to concentrate on yourselves. There are so many things more important and which have so more depth.

Create a good environment.

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Make a place where you can feel really in security. A place where you are in your world. Something cosy and clear, with candles etc ... (bring also some tea/coffee and food).

Change your sheets.

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I don't know why but change your sheets and your pyjama is so satisfying. The smell of the washing is like "it's a new beginning now", you know what I mean ?

Feel pretty.

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You're a beautiful person, and you have to know it. You're amazing because you are unique, the beauty isn't defined by the society because the true beauty has no limit. Be your own kind of beauty. (not only outside, the inside is quite important, even much more). Selfconfidence is really important.


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Take a walk, it's good for your health, but especially for your mind. It's a wonderful moment when you walking by being allowed carry by sounds all around.


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Reading is an amazing thing. Why ? Because you can escape of your universe, just for few hours. You can be in the years lights of reality just by turning pages.

Watch a movie.

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In the same idea that books, watch a movie can take you far from reality. And, that is just a relaxing activity.

Listen to music.

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Find your style of music and just, listen it all the time. I'm used to say that the music runs into veins and explode in the head. To me, music is the best drug in the whole world.


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Cook for yourself is a great thing. It allows to concentrate you on a precise task and I think that is more heartening. And that leaves a feeling of pride !


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Some people need to write their thoughts to feel free, I'm like that. So, it can be a good idea to write everything that goes wrong and just keep it to learn later of your trials or just burn it, like you want !

Help people.

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It's so important to help others when you can. Done good around you. I put this thing in this list because to manage to give the smile to others also gives it to you.

Ask for help.

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If you tried everything but that it doesn't work, talk to someone, even if it's hard to you. Find somebody who you can trust, sister, brother, mom, dad, a professional or wathever, the important is to be understand to one day, find the happiness. (I'm here too, even if I'm an unknown)

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.
Victor Hugo.