I start with thanking you for reading this article because, whoever you are, I really have fun doing this and it makes me satisfied if I can make you interested in what I write...

In my first article I wrote about my favorite movies and I told something about me. But today I thought that maybe I could have been talking about something more important and mature.

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This morning I went to school (btw it was the most boring day ever) and I realize that I live in a country full of people that judge other people. This is so sad.
So, it made me think of what kind of people surround me... even my friends, that should be more open-minded as teenagers, are the more close-minded that I've ever met.
Every time that I'm with one of my closest friends, she starts judging every person that walk in front of her... the way that people walk, the things they wear, the haircut they have etc...
Firstly I just followed her, just for have fun, but now it is really starting to be annoying (as she doesn't talk about anything but this)... so, I don't know how people in your countries are, maybe there are more open-minded people idk, however sometimes I'm just tired of thinking on what people think of me, I'm just tired of having to talk about these stupid things... sometimes I would just talk about something smarter and learn something from a person, discussing with an intelligent person that hasn't to talk about this useless stuff.
I mean... do what the fuck you wanna do, not worrying about what people think of you. Remember: they're really unsatisfied and really unhappy.

Ok, I hope you've liked my article, I'll never stop thanking you (if there's actually a 'you' who's reading this haha). Please, let me know what you think about it, what is your thoughts and if I'm right or wrong.

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Thanks again! Have a nice day! ♥