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☆ Best
✞ Worst
♡ Opposite matches for each zodiac sign from Aries to Virgo.

♈ | A R I E S

☆ Leo: Dynamic, energetic and impulsive relationship.
☆ Sagittarius: Both fire signs, they may create a passionate, joyous and active relationship.

✞ Cancer: Cancer's too sensitive compared to Aries' arrogance. They both want to have the last word in every argument.
✞ Virgo: While Virgo worries too much, Aries likes living one day at a time.

♡ Libra: Libra, symbol of altruism and prudence, and Aries, symbol of individualism and unpredictability, may create a steady relationship.

♉ | T A U R U S

☆ Cancer: Family values and honesty are important for both of them, moreover they put a lot of effort in their relationship.
☆ Virgo: Taurus and Virgo may create a a practical, grounded and stable relationship, characterised by an indestructible bond.

✞ Gemini: While Taurus is very jealous, Gemini tends to take things lighly.

♡ Scorpio: Taurus and Scorpio both need steadiness in their relationship, also physical attraction plays a great role.

♊ | G E M I N I

☆ Aquarius: Both air signs, characterised by intellectual freedom and independence.

✞ Cancer: While Cancer is too possessive and sensitive, Gemini needs more independence.
✞ Taurus: Taurus, who's too materialist, doesn't get along with the frivolous Gemini.

♡ Sagittarius: Sagittarius seeks for physical independence whereas Gemini seeks for intellectual freedom, creating a complementary bond.

♋ | C A N C E R

☆ Pisces: Helpful and understanding, they get on really well.
☆ Scorpio: Both passionate, jealous and emotional, plus very resolute.

✞ Sagittarius: Cancer needs lots of attentions and Sagittarius is not able guarantee them.

♡ Capricorn: Both cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn are resourceful and enterprising.

♌ | L E O

☆ Libra: They may create a well-balanced relationship, committed one to another.
☆ Scorpio: Both looking for continuous confirmations, they are loyal, intense and possessive.

✞ Leo: They are both too self-centered and stubborn; these characteristics may lead to continuous conflicts.

♡ Aquarius: This relationship bonds intelligence and creativity. It's a couple addressed to a successful future.

♍ | V I R G O

☆ Capricorn: Virgo and Capricorn are both down to earth and demanding.
☆ Taurus: While Taurus' practical sense may help Virgo being more confident, Virgo may help Taurus being more flexible.

✞ Aries: They both have too many differences. Virgo may criticise Aries' impulsive choices and Aries may immediately get mad.

♡ Pisces: Harmony, dedication and compassion are the main features of this relationship.

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