hey guys- so now that it's starting to get lighter earlier, I like to tidy and organise my bedroom more regularly to stay in control of clutter and keep my creativity flowing! these are some of my tips that I live by the it comes to spring cleaning and organising clothes etc

❂ organise via labelled boxes
having labelled containers/bins for makeup and clothes makes it so much easier when you're looking for something and they're pretty to look at too. you may want to store winter clothes in these boxes during the summer so that your wardrobe doesn't get too cluttered and messy

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❂ dedicate certain drawers to certain things
by putting only makeup or only stationary into specific drawers/shelves, it organises your room and this way, you know where everything is so you'll never lose anything!

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❂ be brutal with yourself!
when it comes to getting rid of clothes and makeup, ask 2 questions to yourself:
do I use this? and do I need this?
try to avoid asking yourself whether you want to keep something or not because that way, you'll never throw away anything

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❂ add some greenery
I find that plants are the most effective thing to add to any room because it is proven that having plants or flowers in your environment makes you happier and more creative. if you think that you won't be able to remember to water them, then get cacti or succulents as they don't need a lot of water regularly

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thanks for reading guys x