Hey guys,
I'm writing this article, because, I'm so grateful for 1K! All I do here is collect everything that is beautiful to me, and that has always been the purpose, but it brings me joy to see so many people share my opinions and all the things I love!

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And I want to help you get inspired by introducing some of these great accounts that I've come across. Also, I'll take this chance to support all of the heartists who are growing their accounts. I know you guys put great effort in this and I'm proud of y'all, keep on inspiring!

Note: I am only naming accounts that have less than one thousand followers, as I feel they should be getting more recognition.


I love the vibe her account gives off and how creative she is with naming collections
aesthetic, plants, and grunge image aesthetics, cherry, and indie image Temporarily removed Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel

Favorite collection:


I love her aesthetics!
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes and aesthetic image nike, grunge, and black image

Favorite Collection:


I love how stylish this account is, also, COLORS!
coffee, quotes, and tumblr image red, theme, and art image Temporarily removed travel, paris, and city image

Favorite Collection:


Fangirling+Aesthetics= Perfection
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed gossip girl, blair waldorf, and bed image Temporarily removed

Favorite Collection:


I love that it's positive.
book, bookmark, and sleep image book and coffee image animal, cute, and lion image Temporarily removed

Favorite Collection:


I love that it feels Summery.
Image removed aesthetic, blue, and quotes image aesthetic, blue, and white image nature, bike, and summer image

Favorite Collection:


I love that it's awesome)
dress, princess, and hair image nature, quotes, and nothing image peace, quotes, and wish image Image by emelie

Favorite Collection: