Tyler's POV

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The amount of preparation that went into this party was ludicrous. Ivy demanded that I help her with setting up. I didn't want to agree, but I felt bad she had no help. I had no excuse either. My grandmother was babysitting my little sister.

So it took three hours. It felt like three weeks. But alas, we are here. The party has just begun and I must admit, everything is on point. I decided to have a well deserved glass of champagne. I toasted with a few of my teammates and headed to the backyard.

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Everything went black. "There's no way this is Ivy," I said sarcastically. She took her hands off my eyes and laughed. "You're no fun," she said. I turned around and smiled. "We did a really good job decorating and cleaning this place up...not like it needed much cleaning, but still," I said. Her parents had at least two maids. Even their garbage pails look clean. "Thank you for helping me. I almost had a panic attack. There was too much to do alone," she said. I felt bad now for not wanting to help. She went to kiss me, but I got distracted by Levi and Cora's entrance. "Wow. I'm shocked she actually came," Ivy confessed. Levi headed over, and Cora had already found herself by the guys playing beer pong. I was barely paying attention to anyone else in the room anymore. I couldn't describe the feelings I had, but they just kept getting stronger and stronger. Life was about to get hectic.