i've decided to do my first style article...i live in south florida, so we don't have the changing seasons. which sucks. unlike many women who love to run around half naked on the beach here...that's not really my style. although most of my style choices do not fit the hot and sunny climate of florida, i don't care. i like what i like and i refuse to wear something that i am not comfortable in. so below i've put together some of my favorite style choices....enjoy!

* Tops: tied up shirts and tucked in blouses

fashion Superthumb

* Bottoms: high wasted and ripped jeans and shorts

aesthetic black

* Shoes: vans and boots

black black red shoes

* Outer Wear: leather jackets and oversized sweaters

black clothes

* Accessories: lace, oversized sunglasses, and my prescription glasses

bag black cat black

* Makeup: simple. red lips and black eyeliner

art Superthumb

* Most Importantly...

black, light, and neon image

let me know what you think, what are some of your favorite style choices? the great thing about fashion is that it is ever changing. and i am always changing my style. but no matter what as long as you are comfortable, then what you're wearing really doesn't matter much.