Chapter 3

Love is real

Winter was almost over in England but the cold would always stay, and a jacket would be kept inside your car or on your arm. The snow was slowly melting, leaving patches of damp grass poking out from underneath. So, strong that piece of grass and yet humanity is a flower busy dying with ever new change thrown its way.

“Why are you walking so alone?” Cat said while tugging on his arm, bending him down to hear her more clearly.

He loosened his grip from hers and stopped walking.

“Hey!! Haha why did you stop?” Cat asked her voice full of giggles. She placed her hand playfully on her hips as to demanding an answer. Aden gave her a wicked smile as he swooped her up into his arms. She felt like a feather flying on clouds. Cat immediately stretched out her arms as Aden twirled her around. Small moments like these Aden cherished, seeing how much happiness oozed out from Cat.

“Gosh, I missed you “Aden said as he looked deep into her hazel coloured yes. Those eyes that caught him, more bewitched by her.

“I missed you too”. With a small smile spreading across her lips. Cat leaned in slowly as she grabbed at Aden’s jacket, and slowly pressing her lips against his.
She tasted the fresh nicotine on his lips, making her press her lips harder on his. Opening his mouth a little Aden completely invited her in. Their tongues dancing against each other, slowly gracing his teeth against her bottom lip. She grabbed tighter on Aden’s jacket, her mind going numb. It was only him and her. Aden moved his hand tighter around her curves as he wanted more of her.

They both separated after a moment, when a taxi driver honked and whistled. Both of them out of breath stared at each other and giggled.

“I like it when you laugh.” Cat said. While Aden slowly put her down, her feet landed softly on the sidewalk.

She stared up at Aden to see his eyes were destined and he looked lost for a few moments. She placed her palm on his cheek as he brushed it off and gave her a quick hollow look.

“What happened?” Cat asked imminently, racing her brows in confusion.

Her eyes searched his face, searching for the reason he looked so broken.
She knew she shouldn’t press the matter, but it bothered her that he was like this. She glanced at him a few times more as they walked, she didn’t know where they were going, but she followed him anyway. Cat trusted Aden with her life, especially on that day she’d never forget.

Intertwining her fingers with his, she saw his face relaxed bit. Maybe it was work or Deverill or just the nightmares again.
Aden felt Cat’s heartbeat, quickened with every facial expression she was making. He could feel her body tens and then relax. As a way to distract him of the silence and her aura, he lifted up her small tiny hand, he hovered it before his lips. When a small tattoo caught his eye.

A ghost of a smirk touched his lips as he glanced at Cat.

“New tattoo?” Aden said and kissed her tattooed finger. A chuckled vibrated in his chest as he spoke those words.

“Uhm…Yeah.” She said coolly as her cheek gave her away, her cheeks felt warmer with every second Aden stared at her with those beautiful eyes. Aden felt her shyness and smiled as he kissed her finger one more time, he bent her hand and placed a soft kiss on the top as so a gentleman would great a lady.

“I love it.” He whispered. Leaving a small smile on her plump lips.

A few moments passed as Cat and Aden walked down the sidewalk. Hand in hand.

“Where are you of too exactly?” Cat asked as she skipped a little, trying to keep up with Aden’s pace. He walked unnaturally fast even without trying. A habit he tried to break for the sake of Cat’s short or medium sized legs.

“I’m going to WALDO’S MARKET I need some cigarettes, I’m out.” Aden said and noticed Cat struggling to keep up with his pace.

“Sorry.” Aden said and slowed down a bit.

“It’s okay baby, you keep me thin, so walk along my personal trainer.” Cat said, as she wiped invisible sweat of her brow.

Aden rolled his eyes as a smile appeared on his lips. Cat always made it easy to love life, even when you want to burn your soul and feed it to the hellhounds.

They walked in silence, a comfortable silence. As they passed a few shops, and with Cat oooohing and aahing at everything she saw, even beginning Aden to go buy it for her. With a no, she huffed and pouted till she saw something new.

“So, were where you when your eyes fell on this sexy man.” Aden said as he gestured towards himself. With an eyeroll, Cat laughed and pushed him a little on arm.

“I was with Lauren, and we were chatting and then, my eyes burned with love and desire. I knew I had to follow this man.’ Cat said as she touched her heart and gasped in awe of Aden.

“I’m so glad you did follow your heart, my dear for I am beautiful.” Aden said and winked at Cat, only making her laugh so hard she had to bent over to catch her breath.

Aden took one long look at Cat laughing and he knew didn’t need to worry about at all, her but he did. His mind always went back to the incident that happened 1 year ago, he tried to forget but he couldn’t, her screams for help and the splashing made his bones stiff and his blood boil.
They both, stopped in front of the tiny shop. Most of the shops were tiny and old, relics really. This shop was sure as hell here even before Aden was born. The windows on the side of the shops, most were closed with newspaper and some just open so that a mouse could escape. A small roof covered two tiny cement steps, the roof was beaten and needed a paint job urgently. Mr. Cling couldn’t be bothered about how the place looked on the outside or inside. But he made sure his two strands of hair were in perfect place.

Stepping inside, Aden’s nose filled with the smell of rot and fresh bread, Cat Lifted her head as well, smelling the place, Aden gave her a grin and walked straight to the counter.
Mr. Cling. a short fat man with a bold head don’t forget the two strands of black hair. A greasy face and moustache to set it with, a golden ring was placed on his left pinkie finger. He sat as usual reading the Daily newspaper.

Aden cleared his throat to get Mr. Cling’s attention, Aden placed his arm on the counter. Just so as Mr. Cling bent down his newspaper and glanced at Aden. Giving him the go away face. His expression of course didn’t work.

“Yes?” Mr. Cling said with a sour expression on his mouth and a deep sleepy voice escaped his lips.

“A packet of Marlboro, thanks.” Aden said and held out £20. Mr. Cling took the money forcefully as he turned his back on Aden. Aden suddenly felt a chill going down his spine. He turned around to see Cat standing at the magazine rack and he blew out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. He glanced back at the counter and saw Mr. Cling talking to himself as he huffed to bent down and open the cupboard. He instantly felt Cat’s hand on his back and he glanced at her, seeing she was smiling up at him with her hazel eyes.

He glanced back at the racks of food and felt the cold chill running down his spine again. His eyes landed on the soda machines in the far back, a broken light flickered on and off showing a silhouette of a man. Aden squinted his eyes to look at this silhouette and found sharp teeth smiling at him.

“Aden? Aden?” He heard Cat calling his name to get his attention.

“Uhm, sorry what?” Aden said pulling his gaze back to the counter.

“Your stuff?” Mr. Cling said with a raised eyebrow. He sure couldn’t keep his eyes of Cat.

Aden nodded a thank you and took hold of the plastic bag and said a goodbye to Mr. Cling.

Aden and Cat left the shop, Cat got some red liquorice for free. Using her charm of course, and that poor man fell for it.

“What happened back there?” Cat asked while she bit down on a piece of liquorice. Aden took a piece of liquorice himself and bit down on it. A frown appeared on his face as he looked at Cat.

“I think he was there, in the shop at the back ,I could feel him.” Aden said and ate another piece of liquorice. Cat gasped and her hand flew to her mouth.

“You mean him as in him?” She said and bit down nervously on her piece of liquorice.

“I mean, like he was there and he didn’t do anything. He is starting to creep me the fuck out. And I know you can’t help it but like seriously one day of peace would be so nice.” Cat busted out, before Aden could answer her. Her anger got the best of her, she didn’t like Aden being so stressed up over him.

Aden ran his fingers through his hair and held his hand at the back of his neck and stared upwards.

“I know, but only if I could find his weakness or something you know.” Aden said in defeat and he closed his eyes as if he was in pain.