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I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't like Friends. Friends is the go to show you can put on to please anyone. My favorite friend is Chandler. I feel like my personality is 70% Chandler, 30% Ross. Chandler and Monica > Ross and Rachel. Sorry about it.

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I think I actually relate to Eric the most. Obviously I love this show, or I wouldn't have put it on here but I dislike Randy and I never cared for Jackie and Fez as a couple. Jackie and Hyde foreva.

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This show will have me rolling. One time a friend and I had to make a 4 hour drive so we chose to watch Workaholics the whole way there.

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Parks and Recreation

I remember that season 1 went slow for me but after that I was hooked. A few of my favorite things from this show, Ginuwine singing Pony for Lil Sebastian, Mouse Rat, Perd, Jean- Ralphio.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I'm trying to think of things to say and for some reason the only thing coming to mind is "Terry loves yogurt". I've had a huge crush on Andy Samberg for a while now. Captain Holt's deapan humor cracks me up. Boyle also makes me laugh a lot and I love Gina. I think Rosa is a total badass.

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I wish more people would watch this show. Since I go to a community college myself, I appreciate the jokes. Their spoof episodes are the best. I think Donald Glover can literally do no wrong. I wish Getting Rid Of Britta was a real song, because honestly it's super catchy.

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The Goldbergs

JTP! If you like the 80's then you need to watch this, at least just for the references. My favorite part is watching the actual home video clips that are in most episodes. This show also has good spoof episodes for most of the popular 80's movies. I grew up loving Aly and Aj so Aj Michalka as Lainey is cool to me. Geoff Schwartz may be the best boyfriend of all time.

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Arrested Development

The best part about Arrested Development is the storytelling ability. It weaves the storyline together perfectly episode to episode.

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30 Rock

Alec Baldwin really is great in this and I've always loved Tina Fey. My favorite smaller characters from the show are Dr. Spaceman, Grizz, and Dot Com.

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This show reminds me of my childhood because of watching this with my brother, but I also grow to love it more as I get older. I think Zach Braff is so cute. Turk and J.D are one of the best bromances. All the shows on this list are obviously more comedy than anything, but I think Scrubs does the best job at delivering serious and heartfelt moments.

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How I Met Your Mother

Haaaaave You Met Ted? Are groups of friends just easier to find in New York or something? For some reason, I'm having trouble figuring out what I want to say about this one, well to just keep it simple, it's awesome.

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The Office

This is the only show on this list that I haven't watched every episode to yet. I am currently in Season 5. Everyone suggested The Office to me saying that I would love it, but this one took me a while to really get into. Season 1 moved very slowly for me, minus the basketball episode which is hilarious. Like in season 1, I didn't even care for Pam that much, I thought she was very bland. It picks up in season 2, but I really didn't start binging until season 3.