Today i will share my favourite movies in alphabetical order!

A- A Walk to remember

love, A Walk to Remember, and movie image

B-Bride wars

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C- Confessions of a shopaholic

shop and shopping image

D- Devil wears prada

Anne Hathaway, meryl streep, and gif image

E-Endless love

endless love, love, and alex pettyfer image

F-Freaky Friday

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G-Ghosts of girfriends past

ghosts, girlfriend, and movie image

H-How to loose a guy in 10 days

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I-If only

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J-Just like heaven

couple and kiss image


ashton kutcher, katherine heigl, and killers image

L-Leap year

as, comes, and cow image

M-Miss Congeniality

sandra bullock, funny, and miss congeniality image

N-Nothing Hill

hill, julia roberts, and notting image

O-(The) Other woman

cameron diaz, movie, and romantic image

P-Pride and prejudice

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R-Raising Helen

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S-She's the man

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T-The proposal

the proposal, sandra bullock, and funny image

U-Ugly truth

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Temporarily removed

W-What's your number

love quotes, myself, and picture quotes image

Y-You're not you

comedy, drama, and emmy rossum image


Hope you enjoy it