I hear a lot of people talking about conformism and anti-conformism, usually saying that anti-conformism is better: the key of intellectual freedom, they say. But this is essentially wrong: they are two identical concepts, two sides of the same coin.

"You have to be original not to conform yourself to the crowd, not to be the slave of the system", people say.
That's absolutely right, but people often try so hard to be different from the crowd that they lose the point. They enter in the anti-conformism, slaves of the system that influences their choices as well.

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To be original doesn't mean to be different at any cost from the conformist crowd, because this makes you similar to another crowd: the anti-conformist one, not better, just the other side of the coin. You see, these two concepts are not so different after all.

To be original, instead, means to think independently with your own head; this is the real key of intellectual freedom and personal success.

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Obviously it's not easy at all, mostly in our contemporary society, where we are influenced every second not only by traditions and people, but also by advertisements, social media, movies eccetera; and often without even realizing it.

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I think the best way to overcome this situation is to study ourselves, our tastes and our personality. "γνῶθι σαυτόν" would say the Greeks: "know yourself" before anyone else.

If I like something and people usually DON'T like it, it's absolutely fine.
In the same way, if I like something and people usually LIKE it, it's fine as well.
This is the rule that I use, trends don't have to define ourselves in any way.

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