Hi Wehearter, I hope you're having a wonderful day so far. Thank you for clicking on this article, it means a lot to me.
So in this article, I'm going to give some pros and cons on having bangs and maybe it will help you decide whether or not you should get them.

  • Pros:

- It's beautiful !! Haha! I mean really it instantly elevates your look and makes you look more polished even though you didn't spend much time on the rest of your hair. So it's a good option for girls that don't really style their hair by staightening it or curling it or IDK .You just need to style your bangs! That's it and you're good to go.
- If you have a five head, and you don't like it then bangs are a good option. It gives more balance to your face.
- It hides that pimple on your forehead if you know what I mean. I'm sure you do.
- You don't need to put makeup on your forehead (it depends on the style of bangs that you're going for).
-You don't need to bother yourself with your eyebrows anymore (again it depends on the style of bangs)
- Depending on the style of bangs that is calling your name, it can give you a different vibe, some makes you look cuter,sexier other more mysterious .
- If you want to change your look but not too much, bangs are here for you.
- If you get bored of them well you can hide them easily or even grow them out and you'll be done in few months.

  • Cons:

- They need a minimum of styling every morning, so it's not the type of hairstyle that you wake up with and are out of the door.
-If you want to keep them, you need to trim them every 1-2 weeks , so if you're going to a professional it can cost you some money over time.
- Depending on the weather and your skin type, your forehead gets Oilier, sweatier which isn't the best feeling or look (experienced) and it can potentially make your acne flare up on that area of the face especially if you're prone to breakouts on your forehead.
-If you live in a hot country, styling them every time with hot tools, blow dryer can be a pain in the Neck.
-There will be some days when they won't cooperate. (it's a fact).
-The process of growing out bangs can be overwhelming so you need a lot of patience.

Personally, I have bangs (for 2 years now ) and despite all the cons that I presented earlier, I don't regret getting them. So That's all I have for you, I hope it helped you and thanks for reading.
Have a good one.