Hello, hello, hello and welcome to this new article! I'm gonna be clear and honest. Romance is in our veins. Even if we don't talk a lot about it, we try to hide it deep inside. But, please you have to admit it. Tell yourself that you love romance and the romantic scenes of different movies. So, I will help you by suggesting you romantic movies to spend your time this weekend. Enjoy!...

1. 27 dresses
27 dresses, comedy, and James Marsden image Abusive image patient, tumblr, and kind image 27 dresses, movie, and wedding image
In my opinion, this movie is as much romantic, as much a comedy.
2. Bridget Jone's Diary
bridget jones's diary, bridget jones, and Colin Firth image bridget jones, films, and funny image Image removed Image removed
love, bridget jones, and Colin Firth image
I've seen this movie many times and I can't get bored of it! It's a very funny movie, but it combines the love and the romance of these two people!
3. My best friend's wedding
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julia roberts, movie, and my best friend's wedding image
I'm sure that in the end you're gonna cry. This movie is for the people who feel nostalgia and love at the same time...
4. Pretty woman
movie and subtitle image julia roberts, pretty woman, and quotes image pretty woman, julia roberts, and richard gere image pretty woman, julia roberts, and movie image
It's a very classic, romantic movie to see on a Saturday night. Julia Roberts, in my opinion, was the perfect actor for this role.
5. When Harry met Sally
when harry met sally and Meg Ryan image film, filme, and movies image life, quote, and when harry met sally image 1989, comedy, and couple image
The question is: Can a man and a woman be just friends?. You'll have to see the movie to answer it.
6. La la land
la la land, love, and quotes image emma stone, ryan gosling, and oscar image ryan gosling, la la land, and emma stone image emma stone, ryan gosling, and la la land image
emma stone, ryan gosling, and la la land image
Love and Dance can make the best couple ever...
7. Me before you
me before you and movie image me before you, emilia clarke, and sam claflin image
me before you, gif, and movie image
You MUST see this movie right now!! If you haven't seen it, go see it now. It's the movie that represents the real love, which wins eveyrthing.
8. Passengers
comedy, passengers, and romantic image Image removed passengers, movie, and chris pratt image Jennifer Lawrence, movie, and passengers image
An alternative way to experience romance and love.
9. Titanic
titanic, moment, and movie image titanic, love, and movie image Image removed titanic, art, and moment image
Love is in the air... Who hasn't seen this movie before?
10. The notebook
the notebook image love, the notebook, and movie image love, the notebook, and rain image Image removed
gif image
Romance to its greatness..... The best, romantic movie of all times!!

Hope you liked it and that I gave you some ideas to have an interesting weekend. Don't forget to check my account and my other articles. Send me what you like and what you prefer to see at the next article. Until next time......SEE YAAAAAA....

In my blood,