I am very far from being a mother, but I still think about what I want to name my kids. I think it is super cool to be able to name them and I have a few different ideas. Here's what I got:


~ RYLEIGH- I really like the name Ryleigh and I love the way it is spelled this way

~ NICHOLE- it's my mom's name and it is super pretty

~ CARMEN- I really like this name and I think it is really unique

~ AUBREY- it's really pretty and every time I hear it I think of a sweet little girl

~ OAKLYNN- it is super unique and super pretty


~ KIAN- I absolutely love this name and I love the way it looks ( is that weird lol?)

~ River- I think it is super fun and I don't know anyone with this name. Also I'm obsessed with the 80's and 90's era and of course I think about River Phoenix

~ DOLAN- I think this name is super cool and I think it would fit really well with a baby boy

~ MICHAEL- This name is really awesome and I would love to name my baby this. I know someone with the name and they are great so I would for sure want to name my kid this

Thanks for reading guys!!