Cape Town is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for travelers, adventure-seekers, and expats. There is a multitude of invincible arguments speaking for this beautiful place, like a versatile landscape of rafty mountains, stunning beaches, and an interesting flora that varies from lush to dry, an incomparably good food scene, or the artsy city-feeling - just to name a few.

The city is perfect for strolls of a few days while traveling the whole country or a longer lasting stay because it offers endless activities and great spots to relax. People from all over the world feel attracted to this vibrant city and one thing is for sure: you most probably will fall in love with it!

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Eat and Drink:

One thing you’ll realize is the big amount of inviting looking restaurants and bars all around the city bowl of Cape Town. Hot spots are (but not limited to) Bree Street and Kloof Street, both packed with places which offer a variety of cuisines and definitely have their interior game strong. If you wander up those two main streets you will probably have difficulties deciding which place to go because all of them look so promising. Don’t worry though, we prepared a little something to help you out and make sure you’ll land in food heaven.


Located on vibrant and always sunny Bree Street in the city bowl, Clark’s is perfect for both lunch dates and meeting a bunch of friends at night. It is also lovely just to take a book, sit, and watch the busy street and inspiring people pass by. Clark’s is well known for their food and drinks and especially suitable for brunch (that lasts all day). Recommendations from our side are the oysters (South African oysters for the win!), the tomato soup (so creamy), or one of the salad bowls.


It is safe to say that Cape Town is well known for their incredible burgers. There are endless options to get a good one, but our favorite pick is Jerry’s. The restaurant has three branches in the city which are always packed. A testament to their food. The menu consists of salads, finger food, wings, ribs, hot dogs and of course - a variety of burgers. Their specialties are the “Lucy’s” aka “The seven deadly sins”. These are burgers with stuffed patties. Try one filled with chorizo and roasted tomato for example - it is smashing!

Our must-try recommendation is the juicy Korean burger, topped with pickles, kimchi, and sriracha. There is nothing that trumps this combination.

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House of H

South African food culture traditionally consists of a lot of meat. BBQ is called “braai” and is a much-liked activity of the people there.
One of the best spots for meat in Cape Town is House of H, a modern steakhouse which serves a prime choice of steaks, ribs, burgers and daily changing specials. Choose from a variety of complimentary fresh salads or hand-cut fries and sit in an artsy space with an open kitchen. All of their dishes are to die for and really raise the bar of quality and goodness.

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Roxy’s Late Night

This bar serves food - can you guess? - ‘til late at night! Find a cozy and always packed outside area to chill and meet lots of people in summer, and a small artsy inside area for colder days. Roxy’s serves a big variety of foods, like creative salads, great burgers, or incredible wings. The plates are huge and the prices are very reasonable. Perfect for food lovers traveling on a low budget. If you go you have to try their Mac and Cheese Balls. It is a must. Period.

Yours Truly

Three branches of Yours Truly in Cape Town invite you for cozy coffee or lunch dates during the day and drinks and pizza at night. A vibrant bar and restaurant that is always full and energetic. The menu is small but on point. Their salads and pizzas are pure goodness! Our recommendation is the pizza with feta, avo, and bacon - a very popular topic choice in Cape Town and a must if you never tried before!


Cape Town offers so much more than incredible food and a vibrant city life. It is especially suitable for activities like hiking or beaching, and a lot of neighboring towns are worth a visit. Find our favs below.

Bo Kaap

When in Cape Town one must visit Bo Kaap. You’ve probably already seen a ton of pictures of the quarter in Cape Town without realizing. Bo Kaap is an area packed with beautiful houses of every imaginable color. But besides being a tourist attraction nowadays it holds a great part of Cape Town’s history. During the Apartheid regime it was declared a Muslim-only area and -up to today- is home to many Cape Malays.

Sign up for a walking tour to get to know the history of this beautiful area better.

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Simon’s Town

One of the oldest towns in South Africa is located only 35km away from Cape Town. Go on a perfect day trip to a beautiful and picturesque little town, eat some seafood and take a stroll.

Simon’s Town is a very famous spot to watch African penguins. At Boulder’s Beach you can watch a huge colony of them and on Foxy’s Beach, you can even swim together!

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Cape Point

Cape point is the most southwestern point of the African continent. It is located in the Table Mountain National Park in a section that is named the Cape of Good Hope. Drive through the park towards the lighthouse and get to see stunning wildlife. When you arrive at the sight you will have a breathtaking view on the ocean and the cliffs. Cape Point is located a short but scenic drive away from Cape Town which makes it a great day trip destination.

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Table Mountain

Table Mountain is most definitely the landmark of Cape Town and a must-see for every visitor. Either take a hike up the mountain and explore the beautiful flora or take the cableway. Hiking can be very exhausting in the boiling summer sun so the cableway can be a good alternative. Either way - the view is so worth it!

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Clifton Beach

The four Clifton beaches are probably the most famous beaches to visit for both tourists and locals at the same time. They are all easily accessible and very close to town, located on the other side of Table Mountain. Choose which one of the four beaches you feel like visiting, or try each and every one of them. All have a breathtaking view of the mountains.

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Robben Island

When visiting Cape Town and South Africa in general it is very important to keep in mind that the country has had a difficult history and is still battling the consequences today. When coming as a tourist be conscious about the history, the different cultures living together, and the different struggles of society up to the current day. That’s what traveling is about. Be open to getting to know the culture, the people, and the history.

To do so you can for example visit Robben Island. An infamous place where Nelson Mandela was held imprisoned for 18 of his 27 years in prison. But besides Mandela, there was a great amount of other political prisoners, all very important to South Africa’s history. Spending a day on the Island will give you helpful background information to understand the struggles the country has been through.

The District Six Museum

District Six used to be a vibrant and lively residential area of Cape Town until the Apartheid regime forced the inhabitants out of the city. The museum was established in 1994 to remember of those forcibly removed and to help rebuild the district.