Since 5 seconds of summer are going to be releasing their new album ‘young blood’ soon, I thought I’d do an article about them. These are some of my favourite lyrics from their songs...

Long way home

sea, car, and ocean image travel, car, and sky image

Take me back to the middle of nowhere,
Back to the place only you and I share,
Remember all the memories?
The fireflies and make-believe


grunge, night, and alone image art, boy, and grunge image

They try to save me, but I’m too far gone
And they called me crazy so I played along
And you wanna change me, but I’m on my own


hands, aesthetic, and dark image Image removed
My favourite 5sos song!

I want to breathe you in like a vapor,
I want to be the one you remember,
I want to feel your love like the weather,
All over me, all over me


ocean, sea, and water image Temporarily removed

Cause you walked out and left me stranded,
Nothing left but picture frames,
I just keep on asking myself,
How’d we drift so far away, from where we left off yesterday?
I’m lonely like a castaway


Image removed Temporarily removed

I admit I’m a bit of a fool for playing by the rules,
But I’ve found my sweet escape when I’m alone with you,
Tune out the static sound of the city that never sleeps, Here in the moment on the dark side of the screen

Jet Black heart

art, black, and city image rose, flowers, and red image

Everybody’s got their demons,
Even wide awake or dreaming,
I’m the one who ends up leaving, Make it okay,
See a war, I wanna fight it
See a match, I wanna strike it
Every fire I’ve ignited, Faded to grey

Never Be

atardecer, playa, and oscuro image black and white, building, and city image

We’ll never be as young as we are now,
It’s time to leave this old black and white town,
Let’s seize the day, Let’s run away,
Don’t let the colours fade to grey

Outer Space/Carry On

galaxy, stars, and wallpaper image Image by liz

Nothing like the rain, nothing like the rain
When you’re in outer space
Carry on, outlast the ignorance
Moving on, survive the innocence
Won’t be long, won’t be long, won’t be long,
You know it’s gonna get better

I hope I’ve given you some new song ideas, if you haven’t heard some of these you should definitely listen to them!