How can people be so mean ?

Do you know that nobody loves it ? Even you and I’m sure you won’t like it if someone say something bad to you. No one wants to hear that.
You ignore that some persons can easily be hurt, you can never notice their emotions since you don’t live in their souls. Insulting someone, humiliating him in front of people, anyone can be victim of this frequent calvary in which we usually see it and maybe since the childhood.

You don’t know how anybody can feel, like a dagger in their hearts, because they cannot forget these horrible words. Words can kill as they can bring to life.

You say something bad and worse, you are happy, why ? Shame should swallow you, however ; we live in a crual world that love violence without worrying about the consequences like depression or suicides. Some don't just insult persons, they insult also your own family, and some of us have personal problems. (e.g : a dead mother, divorce, etc..) Of course it can hurt.

Remember, you should always be kind to people, real, and being good, one word can slice a soul. And if you live this situation, don’t answer, don’t show a dirty image of you but show that you are intelligent and not childish.