i am confused !!! i don't know what to do in my life ? we all have this words coming from our mouth sometimes . and its OK to feel confused we are not perfect but sometimes we feel confused constantly which adds up to irritation in our life .sometimes it might be due to mental stress and not taking care of your self .

1 -stress , anxiety or depression can cause forgetfulness ,confusion difficulty concentrating and other problems that disrupt daily activities.

2- handling too many tasks and trying to hard to do multi tasking

3 - overthinking

4 when you over work and don't have proper sleep.

when ever you feel confused , please don't be stressed just be calm for moment and try to not to be hard on yourself its OK to feel confused . when we are learning something new or we not understanding anything we might get confused . so here are some tips what to do
1 be calm and try to break the task in to small pieces

2 play calm soothing music not sad or rock n roll

3 read some quotes

4 drink coffee tea and go outside in sunlight

5 sleep for while

6 talk to your close one

7 exercise cardio and yoga are best