Hello Hearters! Today's inspiration is my baby's birthday which is in 3 weeks & I'm here to make 5 gift suggestions for women & men. Enjoy & take notes!

For her

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That's why my first suggestion (for both sexes) is perfume. I'd pick a light & fresh one for a friend, sister or mom and a lil heavier & more intense for grandma or aunt.
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Jewelry; a woman's best friend! They can make every outfit elegant & bright. For a sporty kind of girl, I'd choose something small, but if you know she's a lot into jewelry, don't be afraid to pick something bigger. If in doubt, choose pearls!
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A gift that I usually buy for my girlfriends is a set that includes a shower gel, a body lotion and a body mist or perfume. It can also include a body scrub, a little sponge, an essential oil etc. Pretty useful, 3-in-1 and -most of the times- not expensive at all!
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Well, if you know that a woman is painting her nails often and is kinda obsessed with her nails' appearance (like my best friend), just grab 5 to 10 nail polishes & put them all in a cute box. She'll be grateful.
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Flowers & chocolates is not just a present for Valentine's day or a gift that only boys buy for their girlfriends. It's a great choice any time of the year and will be appreciated by every woman -even if she doesn't admit it. Give it a try!

For him

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A perfume. It can be the one that he likes or another one that you just thought he'd like it as well. It must definitely be masculine & fresh. I bought my dad the Calvin Klein one for his birthday, and it was together with a deodorant stick. Search for offers like this!
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A shirt. A formal one or not, an expensive one or not, there's always a shirt for every occasion in a man's life. I bought the left one from Abercromie & Fitch for my baby, and even though he's sporty I think he'll look so cute with this one! Be careful with the sizes.
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Like the shirt, there's always the ideal watch for every occasion and for any type of man! Choose something simple if he's sporty & young or something more luxury if he's older & more formal.
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Swimsuit! Summer is pretty close so get him ready! I love the floral ones! Be careful with the sizes, again.
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My last suggestion is sunglasses. Check on his face shape on the (very helpful) image above & pick the perfect pair! The aviator style ones are the most masculine in my opinion, though my boyfriend insists on the arnet ones.

These were only a few but -I hope- helpful ideas. Hope you guys enjoyed! Whatever you'll choose for your beloved ones, don't forget to add a card written by you with love & plenty of wishes! Thanks a lot for reading!