It is not for me to judge another man's life. I must judge, I must choose, I must spurn, purely for myself. For myself, alone

Tolerance is one of those things that should be taught wolrdwide, everyone should apply to themselves and their life and live through it, but of course that's just a dream.

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Every year my school hosts a tolerance week where many people come to teach us tolerance towards concepts such as the LGBTQIA+ community, sexuality, mental illness, disbilities and more. This wear was quite special to me since I'm in my last high school year, so I'll never get to experience something like this.

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This has been done for the past three years by our school and I must say that it's something that I look forward to every single year. This year was a little bit different since we are so busy with exams and all that instead of it being an entire week it was reduced to three days, from wednesday to friday.

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Because of this I decided to post a series of articles (one each day for the next three days) regarding three main issues that we saw on Tolerance Week, the first one being LBTQIA+, then mental illness and lastly disabilities. My articles won't be about the subject, but rather about my personal experience around them.

I should have posted this series of articles sooner, but unfortanteley I've been very busy with exams and kind of just dropped it until friday. I hope this series of articles will broaden your horizons and spread tolerance.
- Dahiandra