I wait all day long for the moonlight.
We play hide and seek
And I only find you at night.
I see you standing on the grass,
A little wet from the rain.
You're barefoot, you're looking at the sky.
A little shiver runs down my spine.
I see your smile,
I see the smile I've been killing myself to see.
I run to you.
I imagine us dancing,
Imagine us touching.
I imagine US.
I reach you there,
Under the full moon.
I'm standing there,
We're under the same moon.
I see you.
You can't hide.
We're under the same moon
Staring at each others eyes...

elodie iver
elodie iver

Thank you so much Elodie Iver for creating this amazing competition.
Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.

Inspired by song: Dan Owen - Moonlight

Thank you so much dear hearters for reading this.โ™ก

- Love Yourself