Hello again, my lovelies! I compiled a little playlist for you all, that I listened to while writing my story that I just posted! If you'd like to read it, here's the link:

Anyways, here we go! :D

O1. louis armstrong ~ "moon river"
O2. frank sinatra ~ "fly me to the moon"
O3. eartha kitt ~ "c'est si bon"
O4. frank sinatra ~ "summer wind"
O5. louis armstrong ~ "dream a little dream of me"
O6. edith piaf ~ "la vie en rose"
O7. paul anka ~ "put your head on my shoulder"
O8. louis armstrong ~ "i'm in the mood for love"
O9. frank sinatra ~ "the way you look tonight"
1O. louis armstrong ~ "falling in love with you"

Sorry these are mostly by louis armstrong and frank sinatra! But this is what I listened to and these really are some lovely, dreamy songs! Enjoy! :)