Hey, guys! It's Bee and today I wanted to share a poem with you all that I wrote like an eternity ago. I don't know why I'm posting it today but I felt like writing an article as I haven't written one in ages!
I have my final tomorrow but this won't take long and I would love your support and appreciation as this poem is very personal and I'm posting it for the first time.


How thou look at her;
A discrete, brief

aesthetics, alternative, and beauty image crown, red, and Queen image

How thee appraise her,
Like an abandoned rose
Though, the day despairs,
There shall always be

dress, wedding, and white image Temporarily removed

A tomorrow
To fade the empty sorrow
And now her face;
A native in the moonlight,
Is a clear reflection of medieval

Image by sündos dress, fashion, and girl image

And the stars begin to shine again
At the jubilance of her revival

crown, rose gold, and Queen image fashion, dress, and style image

I hope you enjoyed my poem! I'll definitely post and write more verses and poems after my final finishes!

I'll catch you loves later

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