failure / noun/ lack of success

I just heard I failed my maths exam. All my friends got good grades: B or C. And I? I got an F.
I'm crying. I tried so hard. I tried to study, I failed. I failed because someone in my family is really sick and struggling with cancer. That's why I didn't study as much. Yet I still gave my best and I tried. I failed.

This semester has been a real struggle for me physically and mentally. All my other maths test were negative as well. Which means I am not positive overall.
There is another test but I doubt it could fix my grade. I want to do an oral exam to fix my grade and not let me fail the semester completely,because if I do, I'm not allowed to graduate. I am in panic, crying hysterically right now, not able to stop.
I don't know if there's time for an oral exam as there as only 2 maths lessons left where I could do one.

Failure sucks. I don't know if this time it can be fixed. I don't know if I am strong enough to fix it.