They tend to say that first impressions are the most important ones, that everything matters in that special moment. People tend to share their obnoxious but cute as hell starting moments of their relationships, they tend to talk about how the eyes sparkle, or the bells starts to ring on their ears, or how the hands and legs starts to become jello. All that anxiety, all the fear, and most important all the butterfly, oh how can we forget about the butterflies.

Jughead Jones was not a stranger when this topic became a conversation in his little ball of friends he had, starting with Archie, his best friend who matching his romantic ways of forming sentences for his music, he had a lack of luck while keeping his girls by his side, almost every week he was in love with someone new and the little train of adjectives and romantic verses found their way to Jughead, who was… how can we say it, hm, used to it.

Then, there was Veronica, the cold blooded raven haired girl who jumped from jock to jock of the athletes teams and the rich kids of the riverdale town like they were her servents (and well, they were) playing with all at once, because let’s be real, veronica was the richest kid in town, the most popular (well, asides from cheryl) and the most beautiful, as students may whisper. Always on her high heels and luxurious skirts. The girl who dispites her cold looks, always shared how she would love to have a boyfriend, a honest boy who would just fit with her on all the categories she has for electing a perfect boy, or maybe be available to try and fit on all of them.

And of course, Kevin, the gay king of ‘em all. How can we forget about the daydreamer boy who couldn’t find a boyfriend for homecoming and was deeply upset about it, or just about the lack of affection coming from a boyfriend or lover, since well, he had great grades, great body and was the son of the sheriff. His blabbering mouth always whispering (or just yelling) about the affection, about his million crushes, just about it.

And then, Jughead, the quiet observant kid who just glared at people, and judged his friends decisions over and over until he just laughed it off. The dangerous boy of the school, if we’re being totally specific, since well, he was the leader of the serpents, yes, don’t be surprised that the leader of the most dangerous gang of the state (At least) was just a highschooler. A bright high schooler we must say, A+ student, a kid who loves rock music and his crowned beanie who never leaves his head and of course, his leather jacket. Mysterious and just chill, who never shared more than what he wanted to, who secretly wanted someone.

Who in his daydreams, was expecting for the exact moment on where all the gossiping about meeting the “one” would become true. The boy with the clear eyes who just wanted to find the girl who would be with him, who would make him feel the goddamn butterflies or just a damn zoo, who wished at midnight for the first encounter to be perfect, for the exact moment to be wonderful and to be soon.

And well, the star who he always looked up to every night did make his dream come true… Not in the conventional way, it wasn’t perfect, but it did came soon.
One night, the eleventh of january, at 11:34 p.m, with the voice of David Bowie playing softly in the background, the door of Pop’s restaurant opened and the little bell ringed announcing a new customer in the almost empty place, just a few older guys on the back of the restaurant, and at the bar, sitting there with his laptop opened and his third cup of coffee on the go was Jughead writing away his mind. Pop lifted his gaze to welcome whoever came to the place when he soundly gasped, alerting Jug who instantly looked back, expecting everything, and then, he saw her.

There on the entrance of Pop’s was a girl, average height, in a pale pink dress who reached her knees, barefoot, blonde hair reaching her shoulders, shivering in the cold wind of january, her eyes open like she saw the most terrifying thing in the planet, a few pearls hanging on her neck, and the most important fact, she was covered in dirt, mud and blood. In her face was what it looked like bruises, big nasty ones, cuts on her lips and eyebrow, her nose was covered in dry blood, and her mouth as well. Her arms were uncovered to just find bruises and cuts all over it, her dress was tinted, everything was like taken from a horror movie, maybe it was.


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