This is a story about lost friendship.

We were best friends, sharing everything in life. You knew everything about me, I knew everything about you. We laughed together, we cried together. Your happines was my happines, your tears were my tears....

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We went out together, studied together, shared every secret, your closet was mine, and mine was yours...

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Never thought I could lose you. Our bond was so strong. Not even boyfriends couldn't change that.

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But there was something that could. I got my first job. Oh I know I probably talked a bit too much about it, I was so excited, met so many interesting people...I only wanted you to be included in all that. I wanted to share that new experience with you!
But there was another big problem - I didn't have that much time for you like before. I couldn't stay up all night and then go to work early in morning as I didn't wanna lose my job.
Instead of losing my job - I lost you.
You started going out without me, found new friends, didn't answer to my calls...
I'm so sorry if I hurted you somehow - but you should know you hurted me so much more. Or that was your plan?

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Now you have your own job, maybe now you can understand me. I still miss our friendship but I know i would never be able to trust you again. So maybe it's better to stay this way.

Thank you for all the memories,
your ex-BFF