I hate people but I kinda love people.
Lol, sounds familiar right?

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I don't know when exactly I started feeling insecure and awkward around people. But I remember I used to be pretty chill with just speaking to people and easily making friends. I think that's something that goes away as you get older. Making friends isn't as easy as it was in school and middle school and high school. Something changed.
Maybe I got a little more adult.
Apps to find friends and love interests are the things that people go to now which is fine.
But even on these apps, there is the struggle of putting yourself out there and dealing with people.
I haven't found the answer yet but I am trying.
First of all, what is the worst thing, that could happen to you if you speak to someone in your School/University/Workplace/orSocialAppOfYourChoice.
They won't kill you, and if they don't aswer...well...you managed to live your whole life without them so you will be fine (saying that because a friend that I made really recently and even met with a few time just ghosted me lol).

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The next thing I find with is significantly harder than speaking with people is cutting the small talk.
Sure small talk is cute to get "a grip" but if we're honest here, it's just a waste of time.
"How are you"
"Fine and you?"
Meh. I mean. What did we get out of the conversation?
Next comes Medium talk which are things that both people like or/and can refer to. Like talking about a mutual college, or a TV show you both watch or homework you got. Well. That's better than small talk but still not the real deal. But that's the thing that most people are on. Which is fine if you want nothing else.

Big Talk/Deep talk are things you will get a much deeper answer and they will make a bigger connection between the people. I will never forget some of the deep talks I had because they were really fucking good and unique conversations that made me feel really good afterward. Talks such as Religion, Sexuality, Depression, Death etc are things not everyone wants to talk about but these are the things that matter.

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I personally am someone that makes a lot of jokes and fun of myself and other people. Unfortunately, it has to come to that point first which makes me really boring and bland when people first meet me, which might be the reason why people (especially boys) just disappear on me. (lol)
What I'm trying to do now is being more open with people. I even look at movies and books (for research purposes on life in general) and they never small talk. Characters that just smile at people and start random conversations out of nowhere.
It's kind of frightening for someone like me that can't even hold eye contact without getting teary eyes because it's too exhausting. (lol true story).
But I lately I'm trying to just do it.
Just smile at that person.
Just start a conversation with the person that sits next to you in class (my next goal).

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I met my best friend from the university by eavesdropping into the conversation he had with others about boys. And I just looked at them and asked "Are you talking about boys?" with a smile and we all ended up laughing after that.
We are good friends till this day who can even communicate only through eyes movements (its pretty fascinating not gonna lie)
Just message this person.
On social media, you even have the advantage that you know what they like. Talking about religion when you've never seen the person posting something about it? Risky Risky. Chances are someone will say "I like X" "I like Y" and you start off kinda awkward.
You see they post something about a TV-Show hit them with a "Have you seen the last episode of X?" "Yes, WTF happened Dude?!" "IKR!" (and so on lol).
You see they post something about a Kpop group hit them with a "Have you seen their latest MV?!" "Yeah! X is my ultimate bias" "REALLY? Mine too! I love his tighs!(hard stan alert) (lol I think you get the gist)
Weheartit makes it pretty easy for you when you think about it.
So yeah, go on, message some people today.
Or talk to some people in class today.
You can do it.
Worst that can happen is that they don't answer.
And If they do so, you've been doing fine without them, you will do fine without them.
Drop the pride. Shrug and move one. Their loss.

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Talk to people
Still reading?