When I hear somebody say ‘Life is hard’, I am always tempted to ask ‘Compared to what?’ – Sydney J. Harris

Is it so hard to understand people? Is it that hard to listen to others when they give out effective pieces of advice? Why aren’t people able to give out love, care, and support without having to fight and quarrel?

People tend to speak without thinking a lot. They get offended and tend to protect their assumptions and illusions. Is it wrong that our thoughts at times collide with the different perspectives it has?

why is it hard for people to accept the different perspectives to the story?

Some people criticize a particular topic and then, on the other hand, they tend to defend themselves by playing the blame game

Why is that so ?. Is it that hard for people to be fully understanding and caring or is their ego and attitude more important? just because there is a different side of the story why aren’t people able to accept that too?

Our thoughts and emotions are so connected, fragmented and fragile. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected and influence one another. why is it hard for people to accept their thoughts that run wild with curiosity, questions, emotions?

why isn't our subconscious mind able to answer they questions and situations that life throws at us?

ever wondered why is it hard?...