So here are my thoughts on toxic relationships. What I'm saying is my opinion and you can disagree with it. I just wanted to share my thoughts because maybe it could help someone.
I see my friends in relationships with the worst guys ever. They cheat and call them names, they fight all the time and try to make them feel stupid. I don't understand how or why my friends say with them. They claim it's love but how could you love someone who could treat someone like that.
In my experience, when someone messes up, I choose myself before them. I do not tolerate letting someone treat me like crap. I can't love someone if they are treating the person they "care for so much" like crap. Whenever I end things I feel 100x better. I think if you let someone treat you horrible, your treating yourself horrible. You're setting yourself up for a terrible feeling in your heart. I just don't understand how could you be with a jerk. Wouldn't you much rather wait for a guy who's nice and has a good heart and you feel better with.
Please do yourself a favor and choose yourself before a guy. Especially if your young. Chances are you're not getting married so why go through something for nothing. Life will lookup, I promise.