I was waiting for him on the escalator on one side of the road
My Heart pumped at the highest rate when all at once realized abode.

Saw him looking generously dashing riding a scooter
He was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and his hair were messy but modish.
And here I was standing in my usual tank top and jeans,
hair tied in a messy ponytail
just then He saw me, waved And parked his vehicle near my usual bus stop
I walked to his way with my bag full of books.

We sat on the bench and started random talks about everything except what we thought about.
He then started using his phone and I was beginning to feel ignored. He on a spur of moment stopped and stared me and mentioned about our chats and phone calls
"How it started"
"How it became more Frank and comfortable"
"How good friends we became online but never met in real life" strange isn't it?

Then I told him I have to leave and the 'awkward silent moment' and he finally spoke "yeah"

We shook our hand and he refused to let me go
So I smiled and left his hand and eye contact and stood in the row

The bus started moving and I saw him standing there only, shrugging his shoulder and leaving that place.

That was my first and last with him or anyone!!