I am the biggest advocate for higher level education. I think it comes from my background of growing up surrounded by people who struggles since they did not receive the education they deserved. My father is a very hard worker and is someone who was taught to work with his hands but I know that if he had given a opportunity to continue his education, he would be a lot more successful. My mother is my biggest influence to continuing my academic career and it is because she was in school when I was growing up. I saw her stay up late covering the material she needed to learn while washing clothes and cooking food for us. She would leave us with my dad to attend her classes and it is something that will always encourage me to go to stay in school. I am a second semester college student and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I am aware that things happen but I love school and if I were to stop attending, it would absolutely kill me. I love the first day of classes and meeting my professors. I love the feeling of sharing my thoughts with my classmates and having educated conversations with them and changing mindsets. I love the feeling of understanding and retaining information, it is something that gives a sense of accomplishment and we all love accomplishing things. I love the encouragement people offer and how supportive everyone is to one another, we are all here to grow and we know it's hard so we usually are really nice to one another. I love meeting new people who you think will be nothing more than someone in your class and then they become a huge part of your life! College has been a wonderful experience and I have learned so much about myself and others. Learning comes with many advantages and if you have the opportunity to attend, do it. DO IT!!