"Never judge a rose for her petals, she may still be blooming"
- Bridgett Devoue

This is basically an article explaining what WHI means to me.


After a harsh day from school I like to escape into my quiet space. Especially if things did not go great. I might come sadder that I left. WHI just brings this kind of peace to me. It's not like other social medias. People do not know who I am so they cannot be too quick to judge.

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There is literally a lot of cute stuff posted on this site. It helps me to see what colors match, gives me ideas for a new hairstyle, how to decorate my room, and the best way people have lived life. It obviously does not make every decision of my every day life but it inspires me.

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The WHI community is just so supportive. They are not like the occasional High School snakes. They will be the ones to hear you despite where you live and how old you are. Shout out to literally everyone who just cares about those strangers who are struggling.

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Au Revoir

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions, message me! Au Revoir<3