Hey guys, today I'm doing a this or that tag about makeup.

Lipstick or Lip Gloss?
- Lip Gloss

makeup, beauty, and pink image summer makeup, glitter lip gloss, and lip makeup image

Foundation or Concealer?
- Concealer

makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image Image removed

Mascara or Eyeliner?
- Mascara

makeup, nails, and mascara image makeup, beauty, and mascara image

Blush or Bronzer?
- Bronzer

makeup, aesthetic, and nails image beautiful, beauty, and close up image

Brushes or Sponges?
- Brushes

Temporarily removed makeup, Brushes, and beauty image

Neutral or Color Eyeshadow?
- Neutral Eyeshadow

Temporarily removed eyebrows, eyeshadow, and highlight image