I'm about to meet up with my crush later tonight. I'm so excited to see him, also a little nervous because we are gonna talk about something really important. About a week ago he drunk texted me asking if he can give me another chance and he said he been thinking a lot like i mean a lot what if you are who I'm supposed to be with in the end. So yeah it's pretty important discussion we have planned tonight. We always meet up half way. Sadly he got his license taken away for drug possession and I don't have a licenses nor a car that works at the moment. lately I've been pretty lucky I haven't had any to scary interactions with strangers when going to meet with him. Don't get me wrong I'm scared walking alone. I've had my share of passed experiences of being stalked and followed with cars. lucky for me I've always been able to lose them. But I wanna be more careful so starting now imma be on the phone with him the whole time.
It's 12 am time to go meet up with him. I listen to my dad snores as I open my bedroom door. My mom no where in sight. Coast is clear, I tip toe over to the front door and unlock it and grab my shoes. Still hearing now soft snores i slip out of my house and put my shoes on. I started walking away from my neighborhood as I light a cigarette. Trying to calm my nerves. I started walking faster as cars pass me. The cigarette smoke following my moonlight shadow. I pull out my phone and call Nate. It rings once and he picks up. I hear a muffled "hey" from his voice. "hi" I responded excitedly and a bit nervous like butterfly's in my stomach. "um I'm just about to reach the sketchy streets. " I said. "Be careful" he said. I smiled but quickly went away as a white van pulls up in this stupid neighborhood street intersection. I'm not too scared its pretty common to see these type of cars. He has a stop sign. Okay normally I would go straight be i think the van might go that way so ill wait. "Nate" i whisper in the phone. "yeah." he said. The van still hasn't moved. I guess ill go first. I headed straight because either way I go that fucking car will still have to pass me. I hear a couple loud noises but I don't know from what. Maybe the van? maybe from all the houses? I hear the van behind start to move closer their headlights lighting up the street I'm walking on. "I think I'm being followed' I said my heart pounding. "okay just walk as fast as you can. I'm almost to the half way point." he said "okay" I didn't mention the unidentified loud noises I heard. The van races up next to me. I turned right crossing in front of the van. "Hey you need a ride sweetheart?" The driver said in a old mans voice. I didn't respond. I powerwalked going to the street to the half way point. 'Almost there" whispered in the phone. "go" the old man driver said a couple feet behind me. what he yelling me at go for? bitch I'm not in your way. I didn't look back. "I'm half mile away" Nate said. "same here" I said. then I heard soft footsteps behind me. That's when I realized the loud noises were someone getting out of a car "shit I'm being followed.' I said. I held tight the switch blade in my pocket. "you brought your knife right?" Nate said "yeah" I said with a shaky voice. I started walking even faster almost running. I cross the street at the intersection. "I'm at the half way point" I said. "I'm .3 miles away keep walking on the main street" Nate said. I kept walking up the street surprised not a lot of cars are on the road anymore. I take a deep breath then check behind me wondering where the sound footsteps went. A tall man was still walking behind me about 20 meters away. I felt my anxiety kick in. my heart races and shortness of breath. I cross over the main street to see if he followed. He didn't okay maybe this as just a nocturnal person not a murder I said to myself trying to calm my nerves. I kept looking across the street behind me and every time he was closer and closer to the point the 6th time i looked over my should he had caught up to me but still on the other side of the street. Then I noticed to was looking at me to he waved and smiled. oh. my. god. nope he defiantly a serial killer or something. "hurry up Nate I'm being followed where the fuck you at?" I said cursing in the phone. " I'm .1 mile away can you see me? I squinted in the darkness ahead of me. "no hurry up" I snapped. "okay I'm running." He yelled into the phone. The tall man till across the street from me. every time I looked over he waved at me. I'm so scared and my hands shaking. I heard a car coming but I could tell they were driving under the speed limit yet the car passes me. It was the white van. My heart is about to burst. I see someone running in the distance. I start slightly running. "I see you" Nate says. "Thank god. "I said. We meet with a long hug embrace. "Are you okay?" He said "yeah but there that creepy dude across the street" I said we look over he isn't there.

"what the hell he was just there a minute ago!" I said
Nate perspective..
I look behind me I see that creepy bastard. I put my arm around Jennifer. Trying to calm her. its okay he's gone now I said lying trying to not freak her out. I looked down and smiled at her giving her a kiss on her forehead. she smiled back. "hey wanna play a game?" I said looking back at the scary motherfucker behind me he's only a couple feet away I can start hearing his footsteps. "A game?" she said. "yeah come on it would be fun" I said. "um I guess " she said, "alright cool" I put my hand on her head "tag you're it" and I sprinted a couple feet away. I heard her yell "seriously you want to play tag? Nate I'm too tired to run after you I just walked a mile to get here." I started to get frustrated she didn't know my plan and the creepy guy was gaining on her. "babe come on run towards me." Then the creepy guy charged at her and grabbed her around her neck. Jennifer started screaming and twisting her body to get out his embrace. Her knife and phone fell out of her pocket. I charged at the guy and tried to get the knife. "Hey get off of her!" I screamed at him, the creepy bitch just smiled and pulled out a gun "step back" he said. As he kicked the knife behind him. I was frozen with fear I stared at Jennifer. Tears on her face I could read her lips "I love you." I whispered back I "love you too." "Put your hands up our ill shoot." He said. I quickly put my hands up. "alright just don't hurt her man." I said. The motherfucker smiled again and shot her in the head. Then took his own self. I screamed and cried and ran over to her lifeless body. she was gone. "no" I said hugging her "we were supposed to be together in the end." I said as I pulled a little box out of my pocket and opened it. A sparkly wedding ring shined in the moonlight. "will you marry me?" Took her hand and put the ring on and imagined her saying "yes I do'". I look at he bright blue eyes that don't shine so shine as bright anymore and I say "I do" and put on my wedding band. I kissed her and put the gun to my head. "we were together in the end" I said. BANG.

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