music, vintage, and pink image quotes, heart, and words image
my heart only ever knows how to sing his name

Tiffi - Peppermint Smiles

coffee, book, and aesthetic image blonde, make up, and girls image glitter, eye, and makeup image girl, sky, and yellow image
"you think i don't know about her , with her bright blue eyes and peppermint smiles you can't resist"

Billie Eilish - Hostage

glitter, hands, and friends image couple, love, and Relationship image model, photography, and portrait image yellow, heart, and aesthetic image
"gold on your fingertips . fingertips against my cheek . gold leaf across your lips , kiss me until i can't speak"

Ari Grande - Sometimes

couple, love, and sunset image camera, photography, and brandon woelfel image pink, tumblr, and aesthetic image selena gomez, pink, and bad liar image
"i ain't ever think of leaving sometimes , i ain't even think of letting go....'cause we're collectin' moments , tattoos on my mind"

Olivia Ruby - Think Twice

anime, aesthetic, and sleep image Mature image 80's, 90's, and anime image sailor moon, anime, and sleep image
"in the middle of the night when i don't sleep i think of you and i hope you think of me"

Hey Violet - Fuqboi

Temporarily removed call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and armie hammer image blue, body, and meninos image aesthetics, korean couple, and love image
"in all the selfies he takes , his head is tilted the same way &' his favorite hashtag is beastmode"

Mimi - I will be okay

blue, red, and white image Image removed blue, red, and retro image aesthetic, blonde, and fashion image
"you were never mine though i thought we were fine , i guess i just was the first one in line....but it's okay , i will be okay"

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