Ivy's POV

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I put some books in my locker and decided to head down to the cafeteria. The encounter with Addison left me with an uneasy feeling the rest of the day. There was always something about that girl I didn't like. And she knows it.

I sat down next to Tyler. He was yelling at Riley for taking one of his fries. Mason was glued to his phone. Bored, I decided to make some fun. "Hey, lover boy. Your satanic barbie doll is walking over here," I said loudly, accompanied by a kick to the shin. He jumped and rubbed his soon to be bruised leg. "That's not even funny," he said with an unamused facial expression. He stole one of Tyler's fries and threw it at me. I laughed and caught it in my mouth. Food tastes even better with a bit of victory. "Can't a guy just eat his own fries?" Tyler asked, half jokingly. "Not with us around," Riley replied with that infamous innocent smile.

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