Hey everyone!
So Ive seen Harry Potter and Riverdale Tags but not a Stranger Things Tag so Im going to make a Stranger Things Tag. I really hope you guys enjoy this xoxo

Favorite Female Character

sadie sink image stranger things and sadie sink image
Max Mayfield ~ Portrayed by Sadie Sink

Favorite Female Actress from the show

millie bobby brown image millie bobby brown image
context_query=millie+bobby+brown&context_type=search Obviously Millie Bobby Brown bc she is a freaking queen

Favorite Male Character

gaten matarazzo and stranger things image gaten matarazzo, stranger things, and dustin image
Dustin Henderson ~ Portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo

Favorite Male Actor from the show

Temporarily removed finn wolfhard, stranger things, and noah schnapp image
Finn Wolfhard of course

Favorite Mom

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Steve Harrington (I think you all saw this coming) ~ Portrayed by Joe Keery

Favorite Ship

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Some Call them Lumax I personally prefer Mucas or Lax

Most Iconic Duo

Image removed waffles, breakfast, and food image stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image
Eleven and the Eggos, Steve and the Nailed Bat, Steve and the Chicken, or Steve and the Fara Faucet Spray

Least Favorite Female Character

Image removed eleven, gif, and kali image
I would have to say Kali. Dont get me wrong she was amazing and really helped El channel her anger but then she used it for evil which is basically what Brenner did

Least Favorite Male Character

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Brenner beacause he is just the worst

Who Deserved Better?

stranger things, gaten matarazzo, and dustin henderson image funny, gif, and stranger things image
I mean ya it would suck being like in the upside down like Will or El or Barb but dustins cat died and he had to deal with constipation and not to mention BEING DENIED A DANCE BY EVERY GIRL AT THE SNOWBALL LIKE WHAT THE HELL!

Justice for Who

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Mews may you rest in peace. You will always have a place in my heart

Favorite Line/Quote

Image by Somebody Temporarily removed quotes, stranger things, and eleven image
Words to live by

Saddest Scene

stranger things, gif, and netflix image eleven, gif, and stranger things image
Bobs Death and that scene where El and Hopper get in a fight (gives me chills)