Hello beautiful humans

Welcome to day 10, I surprised I've made it this far. I usually stop these after a couples articles but this time i've prospered. Thank you all sooo much for liking and reading my articles. It honestly means the whole world to me. I'm extremely excited to continue doing this challenge for the next 20 days.

If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would it be and why?

If I could go anywhere in the world it would have to be France. Not just Paris as many say Paris isn't really France. France as a whole is so beautiful in pictures, so imagine how gorgeous it is in person.

Art Museums

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some art museums in france


paris, food, and ‎macarons image paris, breakfast, and food image coffee, breakfast, and cafe image bakery, bread, and eat image
honey...the food


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just imagine sitting in a cafe, or should i said Café, while reading poetry and sipping on your coffee.


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while i do love me some big cities, i have a soft spot for small towns/ villages.


ok so legally I can't drink in America...or France

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I don't even like wine, but I want it.


Temporarily removed Image by Amy A amazing, france, and machine image architecture, bretagne, and chateau image
i read somewhere that Nantes was the place to go, therefore I want to go there

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed. I'm not 100% sure these pictures are correct as I didn't really do the whole search. If they're not, I won't change them ;)

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