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This is my first time making a tag, so I apologize if it's a bit sloppy or if you aren't interested in the subject... Which is Supernatural! If you don't know what it is, Supernatural is a television show about two brothers who hunt creatures from folklores and religions.
I've tried organizing this tag in a neat way where certain questions are grouped together to make it flow better.
Also, I apologize if someone has already attempted to make this tag and I do not mean to copy...

So let's get into it...

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✡ How did you get into the show?
My brother and dad were watching it before me.

✡ Favorite Winchester?
I can't answer this.

✡ Favorite Male Character?
Bobby Singer. He's very educated in the supernatural and knows what he must do, but is still moral.

✡ Favorite Female Character?
I love Ellen Harvelle. She's protective of her daughter, and even after what happened between her husband and John, she helps the boys.

✡ Least Favorite Male Character?
Gordon Walker. He's a disgusting human being.

✡ Least Favorite Female Character?
Ruby. I thought she actually could've been good...

✡ Favorite Villain?
Crowley! Who thought the king of Hell would be so likeable?!

✡ Best Season?
Season 4! I mean, come on, there's Cas, "Yellow Fever", "Monster Movie", and they discover the book series written about them!

✡ Funniest Episode?
It's between "Mystery Spot", "Changing Channels", or "Yellow Fever".

✡ Saddest Episode?
Oh god... There are so many but I've gotta say "Abandon All Hope"...

✡ Scene that makes you laugh?
"Do these tacos taste funny to you?"

✡ Scene that makes you cringe?
When Mary had to kiss her dad... Who was actually a crossroads demon.

✡ Scene that makes you cry?
In season 12 when Cas says goodbye...

✡ Favorite Place?
The Men of Letters Bunker

✡ Favorite Object?
The Samulet

✡ Favorite Quote?
I can't choose just one so...

"Whenever there's a world-ending crisis at hand, I know where to place my bets. It's on you, you big, beautiful, lumbering piles of flannel."
"I found a liquor store and I drank it."
"I mean, come on, we hunt monsters. Normal people, they see a monster and they run, but not us! We search out things that want to kill us... You know who does that? CRAZY PEOPLE!"
"My father is Castiel."
"Sam Winchester cries his way through sex!"

✡ Favorite IRL Cast Member?
Probably Misha...

✡ Something That Should Happen

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✡ Be a Vampire or a Werewolf?
Vampire, because at least I could drink animal blood instead of human.

✡ Be an Angel or a Demon?
Angel... They're harder to get rid of and are typically helpful to the boys.

✡ Have to Kill Sam or Dean?
Probably Dean, he'd be less emotional about it and he'd obviously come back.

✡ Have to Kill Crowley or Cas?
This shouldn't be an easy question but for me it is. Crowley.

✡ Demon Blade or Angel Blade?
Angel Blade. You can always exorcise a demon.

✡ Drive Impala or Use Colt?
Drive the Impala. I mean, Dean never lets people do that.

✡ Infinite Tuesdays or TV Shows?
Tv shows, at least it was fun for a bit.

✡ Mystery Spot or Carnival?
Mystery Spot!

✡ Motel or Squat?
Motel definitely.

✡ Heat of the Moment or Eye of the Tiger?
Eye of the Tiger!

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✡ What would you be?
A hunter.

✡ Would you live or die?
I'd like to say that I'd live... But I'd probably end up sacrificing myself for someone.

✡ Would you have a partner?
Maybe my brother... But I don't think so.

✡ Who Would You Fall in Love With?
Jack Kline... Oops.

✡ Would You Be Well-Known?
I think I would because I'd work with a bunch of other hunters from time to time... And also gather information for them (like Ash).

✡ Would You Stay With Sam and Dean?
No... I'd have my own jobs to do. But I'd be around a lot.

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That's it, I hope you liked it and I'm sorry that it's so long... But I had a lot of ideas.
If you do this tag please let me know. Credit this article or link my account so I can see. Or you can tag it "supernatural tag". Thank you!
I'm having a lot of anxiety right now because I hope this gets popular haha...
Until next time ya idjits...

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