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Thank you for clicking on my article! This is the "This or That" challenge. I was tagged by my amazing friend Trish, her account and article links are below!

i am using trish and a couple other girls as inspiration for my questions. I also made up a few! Enjoy!

1 || Curly or Straight hair?

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I love curly hair but my hair is naturally straight.

2 || Shawn Mendes or Cole Sprouse?

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Cole sprouse is daddy but shawn's voice melts me like butter ok

3 || Flowers or Succulents?

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Both are so cute but I have to say flowers.

4 || Tattoos or Piercings?

earrings, accessories, and jewelry image nails and tattoo image
I have ear piercings so I would love a tattoo!!

5 || ice Cream or Donuts?

ice cream, chocolate, and food image donuts, food, and chocolate image
Uhh can I have both ??

6 || Skirts or Dresses?

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7 || Music or Art?

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Music <3

8 || Summer or Winter?

beach, girl, and summer image bridge, snow, and winter image

9 || Books or Movies?

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Movies, duh. who reads books??

10 || Pizza or Cheesecake?

food, pizza, and wine image cake, food, and chocolate image
My all time faves. Cannot choose I HAVE to have both ;)

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