Hi babes! I'm so sorry I haven't posted lately but school has been so hectic. Ok so this article is basically how to be beautiful inside and out. Know that of ya'll are beautiful, this is just how to increase your beauty.

Don't be a bitch

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You could be the most beautiful person in the world but if bs and rudeness comes out of your mouth then people immediately view you as unattractive. Just don't be a bitch, it's that simple. People will naturally wanna be around you more and you won't surround yourself with fake people. The meaner the person, the faker their friends.


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No one's gonna want to be near you if your pits smell or if your breath stinks. Just don't be gross, brush your teeth, wear body spray and deodorant, clean your nails. I feel like when people try to be more attractive they never focus and little obvious things like having nice breath and smelling good.

Don't be a dumbass

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No one likes an idiot. So educate yourself, pay attention in class, read books, watch documentaries. Or just have some logic. This instantly increases your attractiveness.


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No one likes a negative thot. Fucking smile, and be happy. Happiness is very attractive so be happy. Smiling also makes you happier, weird ik but just smile even if you feel super shitty,

Have nice skin

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Make sure youre taking care of your skin. Drink water, have a skin care routine, moisturize. Acne isn't the end of the world, its normal. But having nasty ass skin that never gets washed ever is gross so take care of your skin. Not just your face your body as well.

Have good posture

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Slouching makes you look really unattractive, and like you're dying, So sit up. You don't want to get scoliosis and die.

Be confident

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Confidence makes you attractive. You have to fake it till you make it, and you will make it.


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Ya'll need sleep. I don't care what ya'll say, you can't be looking your best on 4 hours of sleep. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night and you'll instantly look better.