so, i had a lot of fun doing the first "lil things" article that i decided to make a part two! wowzers, isn't that great?

anyways here are some more little things that are just rad.

getting a text from someone you reeaallyy like talking to

him, iphone, and messages image tyler the creator, meme, and reaction image
my dm's are dry tho so hmu (i need friends).

feeling productive (& actually getting shit done)

flowers, coffee, and school image funny, life, and meme image
not me lol

finishing an 11/10 book

Best, book, and Dream image meme, funny, and quotes image
i usually have a mental breakdown.

the moment when your favorite song starts playing

aesthetic, blue, and Lyrics image Image by Katelyn Pugh
i hate when people think it's okay to interrupt my jam sesh.

taking the most fire selfie

dog, funny, and meme image barack obama, Elizabeth, and icon image
i'd double tap ;)

finally understanding a joke

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tbh i do laugh at my own jokes too much...yikes

the (glorious) moment when you correct someone

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usually people correct me (bc im a mistake haha lol no jk) :')

freshly shaved legs against bedsheets

architecture, beautiful, and chic image bird, me, and same image
let me real: i haven't shaved my legs in like 69 years

dogs dogs dogs dogs (& cats bc we don't discriminate here)

adorable, animals, and cat image adorable, bob, and dog image
bork bork meOW


Temporarily removed meme, mood, and reaction image
i need five


that's it for now bc i have to do hell's paperwork (homework). see you beautiful memes later <3

-- ur girl