Oh!... An uninteresting article! Are you ready for it? Well no need to be ready for anything.

Anyway yesterday I was in one of my rare phase where I wanted to discover new group, artist or if I already knew them, new songs.

I saw the name of this band for years but I only listened to it yesterday.
It's: System of a down and I listen to the song "Chop Suey". I love it so much plus I really love the man's voice. [And I'm extremely difficult with peoples voices.]

In a drastically different genre I listened Rosie lowe - Woman that I first heard in the movie I've watched earlier 'The Last Word'

Now a J-pop group of four girls called BananaLemon I listened to their latest song I think "Girls Gone Wild"

I listened to the debut song "Gangsta" of a rookie K-pop group Noir. Like it.

A korean band of five girls Marmello - Wake me up

The last one is Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Which I like a lot too.

It's unrelated but I turned my phone to German because I'm trying to learn this language and I'm a bit confused, I don't get a thing but it's okay.

Well that's it